DynaTension products are used to measure tension in all materials from the tiniest optical fiber to the largest cable man has made. All with a single instrument!

All DynaTension products allow data collecting and recording via computer interface. More products and applications are continually being developed. All manufactured in the USA.
Offshore drilling and mining companies depend on our model ALM 400 to continuously monitor tension in their anchor cables and provide alarms if dangerous tension levels are measured.

By application of the vibrating string equation, DynaTension makes possible the measurement of tension in materials without physical contact. This technology makes in-situ measurement of tension without disturbing the item under test and without in-line installation.
DynaTension measures tension in many diverse applications, including crane loads, mooring lines, geophysical tow cables, belt and webbing, umbilical cable, contruction rods, elevators, and yacht stays to name a few. This can be accomplished while either stationary or running. If it can vibrate, DynaTension can measure it.