Our Mission
Ophthalmology Resources delivers successful and profitable solutions for your optical dispensary.  Our program is not a temporary fix.  It provides a financial model, establishes benchmarks and the business tools to ensure your continued success.  If you follow our advice,  we guarantee our results.   We have a 30 year track record to prove it.

Important Medicare Reminders for Your Dispensary
The countdown to May 23, 2007 is on! Be sure to get your NPI now. And don’t forget about the NPI for your optical. Remember, starting February 1st, you should use the new CMS 1500 (08-05) forms and enter both your NPI and your legacy number (National Suppliers Clearing House Number) for your optical. Opening a new dispensary? If you plan to be a supplier of Post Cataract Eyewear, you will need an NPI for your optical. To learn more CLICK HERE

“Optical Jump Start” launched
After meeting and talking to so many doctors at the AAO, Pam Fritz has launched “Optical Jump Start”. Fritz said, “Many dispensing ophthalmologists have dispensaries that are functioning poorly. Sometimes it may take just a few specific recommendations to give the dispensary a “Jump Start” and get it moving forward in the right direction toward achieving proper production and profitability.”

This consultation package includes a 3 months subscription to the Optical Production Tracking software, a 2 day on-site visit to your practice/optical and an Overview Analysis and Recommendations Report. For details CLICK HERE

United Vision Serves Dispensing Ophthalmology

Ophthalmology Resources is pleased to announce their endorsement of United Vision, Inc., a national optical buying group. “United Vision is an organization that can contribute greatly to our dispensing ophthalmology clients,” reports Pam Fritz. “We plan to network our respective companies’ focus on strong marketing and business services created specifically for the dispensing ophthalmologist.”

The Ophthalmology Resources Team includes a network of practice and dispensary consulting, marketing, sales, practice management, technical training and recruitment products that will be made available to United Vision members.

United Vision offers vendors that cater to the optical industry in the following categories: Contact Lenses, Frames, Lens Laboratories, Pharmaceuticals, Practice and Surgical Equipment. To learn more  CLICK HERE

Networking ... Pam Fritz of Ophthalmology Resources (2nd from left) hosted a planning session with United Vision’s Linda Pierce (far left) and Lisa Lingard (far right). Other networking participants included Joyce Street of Healthcare Solutions Connect, a recruitment and hiring agency (3rd from left) and Holly Schounard of OIC Training (4th from left).

The Fritz Factor”
We are pleased to introduce “The Fritz Factor”. What is it? Putting your optical dispensary under the analysis of Pam Fritz’ Ophthalmology Resources investigative team. We provide you with concrete evidence, through analysis and diagnosis and solid recommendations. Results?

We will transform your optical into a highly performing and profitable business.


“The Fritz Factor” absolutely guarantees it!

Schedule a FREE dispensary diagnosis conference call with Pam Fritz.


“How to Set Up the Perfect Optical” was presented by Pam Fritz on behalf of Fashion Optical Displays at the Dispensing Solutions Pavilion Theatre at the AAO in Las Vegas, Nov 11. The Pavilion was a joint exhibit of the American Association of Dispensing Ophthalmologists and Ophthalmology Times.


Fritz chaired a roundtable on “Fraud and Abuse” at an AAOE luncheon at the AAO meeting in Las Vegas. The AADO plans a “Dispensing Ophthalmology Roundtable” event at Vision Expo East, March 23 in NYC. For more information call 800-705-AADO (2236)